Are colds and flus, illnesses and diseases all down to bad luck or genetics or do you believe you can influence your health?

If you are someone who suffers from one virus after another you may have noticed that there is someone in your family or office who never seems to get what you get. Why is that?

We could blame our gens, but according to DNAFit, genetics can play a significant part in our well-being, but the importance of environment should also not be ignored.

In other words… Yes, you could be susceptible to certain types of illness or disease genetically, but there may be preventative measures you can take, including environmental changes.

Bodily Cells Constantly Renewing

According to Alternative Medicine advocate, Dr Deepak Chopra, cells in the body are constantly renewing. This means that a cancer cell dies and is replaced by a new cancer cell, but it could just as easily be renewed by a healthy cell, if the conditions around the cell change.

Earlier this year, in a TotalWellnessClub video, Founder Neil Fellowes looked briefly at six case studies. These were people who have transformed health conditions without medicine.

Neil Says, “Sometimes it was a behaviour change that made the difference, but in four out of the six transformations mentioned, it was a change in diet that made the difference.”

Does A Change In Diet Alone Mean A Change In Health?

What we fuel our bodies with is going to have an impact on our health, but it’s not the only factor. In fact, there is something much more fundamental.

Perhaps the biggest factor in having consistently good health is actually what we believe about our health.

What we believe about our health determines behaviour. For example, if you believe it doesn’t matter what you eat then you will take less care when it comes to what food and nutrition you put into your body.

By contrast, if you believe what you eat matters, you will look for foods that support your beliefs.

But it’s not just about food…

Some Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Health…

Here are some question to consider when it comes to your health…

  1. What do you believe about exercise? Do you believe that exercise doesn’t matter or that if you exercise you have more strength and capability and more endurance?
  2. What do you believe about sleep? Do you think it helps your body to have a regular sleep pattern or do you think your body will cope?
  3. What about water? Do you believe how much water you drink matters? Do you drink coffee or tea or sodas that dehydrate you?
  4. Does stress matter? Do you notice and move away from stressful situations or do you gravitate towards it and enjoy the adrenaline?

What you believe about these factors all have an effect on your health.

In another video by TotalWellnessClub’s founder, Neil Fellowes he explored emotion and vibrational frequency. His research showed that when people resonate at a frequency of 80 mgh they enter a genius state. When they resonate at a frequency of 57-60 mgh and below they enter the level of frequency where illness and disease can take hold.

What this suggests is that people can resonate at higher and lower frequencies and there may be some way to increase your frequency and avoid or alleviate illness and disease. To do this you may wish to get fresh air daily, enjoy some sunshine for an hour a day (where possible), exercise at least moderately daily, get good sleep, ensure you are hydrated, avoid stress and eat healthy meals and organic food as much as possible.

Is Medicine The Answer To Good Health?

There are undoubtedly times when medication is required. At other times natural healing methods could be explored. Dr. Deepak Chopra said that sometimes doctors are legalised drug pushers and you can end up taking drugs to counteract the side effect of your drugs. This obviously isn’t good for you.

While medication is great for dealing with symptoms it doesn’t always tackle the cause. If you are ill and taking medication you could also still consider natural healing methods. There are many to choose from.

One explored by TotalWellnessClub founder, Neil Fellowes was Reiki. In this video he asked the question was Jesus a Reiki healer? Here’s the video…

The Secret To Good Health

If you begin with the premise that good health is a natural state of being, you will begin to look for ways to support that belief and good health, or better health, can’t help but flow from that belief.


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