A private blood test means you can see what is going on in your body without the need to be ill first.

The way the UK healthcare system is set-up means you need to be unwell in order to enter the system. This means you need to have something wrong with you before a GP acts. These days, health conscious people want to be proactive, rather than reactive. They want to prevent illness and live in a healthy way, rather than be ill and deal with the consequences. A private blood test is one of the ways you can now be empowered and take control of your health.

The Growth Of The Private Blood Test

For years athletes have used blood testing to get up-close health markers. The number of private blood tests has increased annually by between 15-20%. This is, in part, due to the fact that a private blood test has now inexpensive and, in part due, to people becoming more conscious about their health and wellness options.

Why Health Conscious People Use A Private Blood Test

Health conscious people know that preventing ill-health now can thwart the need to make time to be ill later. Today, health conscious people can monitor and be more aware of their well-being using wearable devices, DNA testing or a private blood test, to name just three options.

Monitoring and testing your health empowers you. It arms you with the important information you need. You can then correct your course.

The alternative is to fail to take preventative action. Doing this can mean entering the health care system when you become ill. It then means taking to visit the GP, potential multiple hospital appointments, being prodded and poked, cut open and operated upon and a recovery periods from days to months… then of course the hope it all worked!

And who really wants that?

Simply put, you can either take time to ensure wellness now or have to make time to be ill later.

Using A Private Blood Test As An MOT

When did you last put your body through an MOT?

Like your car, everything in your body may look and feel as though its working well, but how often have you gone for the MOT and been stuck with a bill for new tyres, brake pads, exhaust emissions, wiper blades or other?

Of course the car, like your body, should always be roadworthy, but without the ritual of the annual MOT, how much wear and tear would you really notice? Without the annual MOT, one day you can bet something will fail… and it will hurt physically or financially.

The dentist works on much the same principle, a check-up every 6-12 months prevents decay and future pain. It keeps you on top of what’s going on in your mouth and addresses problems early where possible.
With a private blood test, the same principle can be applied to your body.

The Benefits Private Blood Tests Give You

A private blood test will:

  • Give you peace of mind when all is well
  • Highlight what action needs to be taken, when the results are not so positive
  • Empower you to take action now, rather than waiting for the problem to grow

What A Private Blood Test Will Not Tell You

It’s important to note that a private blood test is not meant to be a substitute for a medical diagnosis. It will also not explain with certainty what’s causing a particular condition. However, if done properly and analysed accurately, it can help you identify trouble spots. This then allows you to take appropriate action, such as getting medical help, or help from a natural well-being practitioner such as a nutritionist, personal trainer or coach.

What A Private Blood Test Shows You

A private blood test can show you what’s really going on inside your body. There are various tests which include: energy, thyroid function, testosterone and vitamin B12. Elements of tests can also include liver function, cholesterol, vitamin D and iron.

As mentioned, ‘prevention is better than cure’, so a private blood test will give you a clear picture of what’s happening inside your body, arming you with suggestion about what you need to do to improve your health or just stay on track.

How To Take A Private Blood Test

You can find websites that offer a private blood test. Once ordered, you register your kit, prick your finger and return the sample for analysis. Once the results are ready you can login to a secure dashboard and review your results.

A Review Of The Thriva Private Blood Test

Private Blood Test - Thriva on TotalWellnessClubTo give you more insight into how a Private Blood Test actually works we have reviewed a private blood test provided by Thriva. You can order the kit direct from Thriva (if you use this code: TOTALWELLNESS50) at checkout you will get 50% off your first baseline test.

The Thriva private blood test kit arrives in the post within a few days. The packaging is really neat and the instructions are clearly set out in three easy to follow steps.

One of the steps asks you to prick your finger and drip the blood into a small pot. Our reviewer found it difficult to draw the blood required and had to abandon the first attempt. He did contact Thriva who arranged a nurse to visit for a small additional fee. The nurse took the blood in a matter of seconds, making the process easy for anyone who may be slightly squeamish when it comes to needles.

The blood is then sent to the lab for analysis. Once analysed Thriva will contact you via email and send you a link to your results.

Click the link to see customer reviews for private blood testing.

See the TotalWellnessClub video review on the Thriva Private Blood test below.

Interpreting Your Private Blood Test Results

Getting blood test results back from a doctor and understanding them yourself is very difficult, so it’s important that you can actually understand the results when you get them. Private blood test companies seem to know this and make it easy for you to understand what the results mean.

The results from Thriva were very neatly set out, using plain English and graphics. The online results allow you to click into each of the results and get more information on what may cause high or low results.

Private Blood test

An example of results from a Thriva Blood test review

Using A Private Blood Test In Conjunction With Other Tests

A private blood test used in isolation is a useful tool, however, combined with other tests, such as a DNA test, it can be even more advantageous.

What a DNA test gives you is a starting point. It tells you your specific genetic make-up and shows you which genes are turned on or off. If a gene is turned off, or turned down, you may struggle to absorb certain nutrients into the body. It then allows you to increase that nutrient through diet or supplementation. A second private blood test can then access if the diet and supplementation are having the desired effects inside the body, thus preventing potential threats to your health.

Have a look at a video we recorded on DNA testing

Continued Use Of A Private Blood Test

A private blood test provides you with an “In the moment snapshot”. If the results show concerns in any area you are now empowered to course correct and alter the factors causing the results.

Retaking a test in 3-6 months then gives you the opportunity to gain another snapshot. You can then see if the changes you have made such through nutrition or supplementation is having the desired effect. You will then know what to do next… either continue with what you are doing or try something else.

In conclusion, a private blood test arms you with information. It can allow you to see a snapshot and make changes, thus potentially heading off illness before it occurs.

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