The tummy is like the last bastion of flab. It’s the last thing to go when you lose weight. That’s why we’ve put this article together… to share with you the 5 best Ab exercises chosen by a selection of TotalWellnessClub personal trainers.

What are the best ab exercises to tone you up?

When your abs are fit and toned you will move differently. You’ll walk with more confidence and poise. You’ll also feel stronger and sexier! And just as an aside, you will also be protecting your back.

The question is what are the best ab exercises to tone you up?

Ab exercise number 1

In this video Ed Ley, gym owner and personal trainer at Absolute Health in Bristol, explains some of the misconceptions about the abs and how the abs work.

We experimented with what Ed suggests for two weeks, engaging the abs while walking and working out, just to get used to engaging them. What he suggests certainly does help engage the core and create more strength. What’s nice about what he suggests is that you don’t really have to do any extra exercises, just ensure you engage your abs while working out.

You can find out more about Ed and Absolute Health here:

Ab Exercise number 2

Personal trainer, Sally Kingston’s best Ab exercise is the Superman Crunch. Start on all fours with knees apart and straight back.  Engage your stomach and pelvic floor muscles.  Bring an elbow in towards the opposite knee (crunch) and extend arm out in front (superman).  Aim to get your raised arm and leg parallel to floor.  Pause for half a second, repeat as necessary and swap sides.  This is one of my favourite core stability exercises.

See Sally demo the Superman crunch

Find out more about Sally Kingston here:

Ab Exercise number 3

The best ab exercise chosen by Sue Jackson, personal trainer at Balance Fitness is the leg extension. Start by laying back on the floor. Extend your legs up, then walk them down one at a time.

See Sue demonstrate the leg extensions here:

Find out more about Sue Jackson and Balance Fitness here:

Ab exercise number 4

Personal trainer, Amy Newton’s best Ab exercise is the Plyo Plank. Place your hands on the floor, above your shoulders. Lift your knees from the floor. Once in the plank position, drop your left forearm to the floor, then your right, then raise back up into the starting position.

See Amy demonstrate this in this short video clip:

Find our more about Amy Newton, here:

Ab exercise number 5

Personal Trainer, Sharon Clare’s best ab exercise is the cable wood chop.

Start with your feet apart. Reach down towards your left foot, then pull up towards your right shoulder.

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Find out more about Sharon Clare here:

Try them and tell how you get on and share your best ab exercises in the comments below.

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