Dowsing rods, along with pendulums, are the most common tools of the trade for anybody having a go at dowsing, whether they be a professional or an amateur. They are great to use for your health and well-being. This article shows you how…

Various types of dowsing rods have been developed over the years, often in an attempt to deliver a clearer intuitive response to the user. In the end, if you are looking to buy a set of dowsing rods then it is best to let your intuition guide your choice.

You can get a set from your local mind body spirit shop, or quickly google a set on Amazon or you can simply bend a wire coat hanger into a set that are perfectly useable to learn with. And what better way to start exercising your intuitive guidance than by applying it to your health or that of your family. Obviously we recommend always seeking the advice of a registered health practitioner before diving into dowsing for remedies to illness but nonetheless there are numerous ways to help improve your health using this ancient skill.

If you feel under the weather you can after a little dowsing practice check to see if you are deficient in minerals or vitamins. Simply write down on separate sheets of paper the minerals you want to check for, or the names of the vitamins you think might be lacking and then using just one rod in your right (or left) hand ask to be shown which mineral you are deficient in when you touch the paper with your other hand. Be clear in your question that you mean you are referencing the writing of the name of the mineral, otherwise you may find you get nonsense answers as the “rods” will be telling you if you are deficient in the minerals that make up the paper you are touching!  This rather bizarre caveat will make more sense if you have ever tried dowsing already.

Be aware that dowsing accurately and consistently takes a lot of practice, so the results you get to start with may not be too accurate, so practice is required. We would also strongly recommend not using dowsing if you are a beginner to diagnose or adjust any prescribed medication. Always consult with your qualified medical practitioner if you feel there is something seriously wrong.

The above process can of course be done just as well with a pendulum being held in the hand instead of a rod and the act of dowsing for health issues can be applied in this way to any aspect of healthy living or illness.

Whatever your choice of implement here is a quick guide for those of you who might be interested in picking up a set to own for the first time and in so doing you will be investing a little time, money and patience in opening up a whole new world to experience.

Dowsing rods – the usual shape

Dowsing rods are most often L shaped. There are all sorts of other dowsing contraptions such as bobbers, aurameters, Y shaped sticks and so on but in my opinion the good old L rod is the sturdiest and most reliable friend you can have as a dowser, especially when working outside.

The L rod is just what the name suggests: it’s a metal rod which is bent at right angles so the dowser can hold the short end comfortably. The rod is held in a relaxed fashion so the long length points directly in front of the dowser. Usually a dowser holds a rod in each hand and they are held as close to parallel with the ground and each other as possible. This is known as the “search” position.

The dowsing rods are also held in such a way that they are able to swing with only a little resistance when in the dowser’s grip. As a dowser you don’t want your rods to simply waggle freely in your hands, so there needs to be a way of maintaining some slight resistance to the general tendency for the rods to fall one way or another in your hand; allowing the rods to fall either way uncontrollably isn’t dowsing!

The premise of dowsing is to receive an indication from the rods that demonstrates either a “yes” (positive) or “no” (negative) in response to a question that you have asked of “yourself”.

Dowsing isn’t magic and neither is there anything mysterious about it, although over the centuries society has looked at it as being rather strange and in the past when the church ruled our societies it was often considered to be a spiritual practice and an example of humanity’s ability to communicate with spirits of the dead. Of course the church, who was in charge of talking with the departed, decided that dowsers must always be talking with the devil and so it was banished.

You can’t keep a good dowser (and their dowsing rods) down

Because dowsing works, it never vanished entirely even when banished by the church. Over the years it was still used by farmers and those in industries who need hidden things like underground minerals to be found.

Far from being in cahoots with the devil most dowsers now accept that it is the ideomotor response that enables dowsing to work. It is the dowser themselves making the rods move, but it is their intuition that unconsciously triggers the muscular reflexes that then move the rods without the conscious awareness of the dowser. This is why it feels like you as the dowser aren’t in control and that somebody else must be making the rods move.

Cynics use the ideomotor response as a reason to say this is why dowsing doesn’t work. That seems a bit strange to me, as the ideomotor response is a recognised human effect and if it allows the unconscious to be made conscious, in other words if we can see an effect, then it has a value.

The fact remains that good, accurate dowsing isn’t as easy as people think. It requires the dower to get out the way of influencing the response. And that’s the skill of it. It’s “focused not-thinking”! In that respect it is like meditation.

What can dowsing rods be used for?


Dowsing rods can be used to show you anything at all.

Dowsing used to be defined as “the art of finding hidden things” and that includes information of any sort. All you need do is ask a closed question, in other words one that is likely to elicit the answer of “yes” or “no”.

Usually a “yes” response is the rods crossing in front of you and usually the negative or “no” response is the rods swinging away from each other. I say “usually” because as with all these activities and experiences in the subtle energies around us the responses for each individual dowser are peculiar to each of us.

Dowsing rods can be used as direction indicators too. For example, if you want to find where a pipe is leaking underground in a field: you would stand at the corner of the field with both rods out in front of you in the “search” position and ask of the rods “Show me in which direction the leaking underground water pipe is.” The rods will then both swing in a certain direction and stop in that position to show you. You then walk in the direction that the rods are pointing holding them out in the search position again and as you walk you can ask to be shown when you cross the burst pipe. The rods will move their points together when you cross the pipe. You can then confirm the leak is directly below your feet, if not ask again where the actual leak is and then try again until you are standing above it. You can then ask how far down you will have to dig to find the leak and count in feet and inchers (or whatever measurement you wish to use) to get a figure for how far down the pipe is. Then start digging!

At this point you are probably thinking “I can use dowsing to find buried treasure!” And yes, you’d be right. Many salvage crews use dowsing to locate wrecks at sea with a variety of success and I have personally had people email me to ask why they can’t find buried treasure that the rods indicate is buried somewhere their land. The answer is often connected to the issue of our unconscious minds. Our dowsing results often reflect our unconscious states and if we have a particular mind-set and belief system that is negative around money (for example) then it will be reflected in our dowsing result, especially if we are not practiced at it. Less experienced dowsers are more likely to pick up interference from their conscious minds that affects their results.

Finally, choosing a set of dowsing rods is a very personal thing. If you get hooked to dowsing a set of rods could last you decades. As I said earlier, there are all sorts available from clever expanding ones to hand-forged iron ones to ones that sit in plastic sleeves and revolve at the slightest thought.

Whatever type of dowsing rods you choose will be a personal preference … how twitchy do you like them to be? The real driver for any dowser is not what tool is in use, but what is the experience, capability and character of the person asking the questions.

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